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Treatment for your new smile starts with registering with us at the practice. You do this through our registration form. When registering, we ask you to fill in a health questionnaire. You can also indicate your preferred days for an appointment in the comments field. Here you can also choose whether you want a consultation or an intake.

Immediate intake or still a consultation first?

Do you opt for an intake interview right away? Or do you still request a consultation appointment first? That depends on your situation. For example, it is important to know whether you want to start treatment right away, or whether you want to orientate first and find out whether you need braces treatment.


Do you want to start treatment? Then opt for an intake. During an intake, we look at your teeth and give you a clear overview of all the possibilities and the costs of treatment. We will tell you when you can start your treatment and how long it will take. This appointment lasts 50 minutes.


A consultation is an orientation meeting. This is useful for when you want to know if you need braces treatment, or if you are under 11 years old. During this consultation, we discuss the overall options.


After your registration, you will receive confirmation by e-mail. You will then receive an invitation by post for your first consultation or intake within a week. Did you receive a referral card from your dentist? Mail it to us in advance, or take it with you on your first visit to our practice.

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