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Other treatments

In our practice, we treat children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities, ADHD, ADD or autism.

Treatment of adult patients

More and more adults are opting for braces treatment. As long as it is about straightening teeth, we can meet your needs in most cases. It is different if there is a serious problem with the position of the jaws, such as a large overbite. In children, we can influence the position of the upper teeth relative to the lower teeth more easily than in adults. Adults almost always get fixed braces.

Mental or physical disability

People with mental or physical disabilities are more likely to have dental problems. Motor skills are often weak or completely impaired, which can manifest as weak lip, tongue and cheek muscles. But abnormal tooth position, muscle tension, dental damage caused by falling or bumping (epilepsy) or nutrition can also cause difficulties. Our staff are experts in supporting, guiding and treating children or adults with disabilities.


Our orthodontists and staff have extensive knowledge and skills needed to treat children with disorders on the autism spectrum. Needless to say, these children are most welcome with us.

Surgical/orthodontic treatments

To get nice and straight teeth, some cases require surgery to move the jaws. When upper and lower jaws do not fit together properly, this can lead to damage or pain to the jaw joint, teeth or gums or to an abnormal appearance. We work closely with the oral surgeon.

Together, we consider the best approach and the type of surgery to be performed. Of course, you help decide on the treatment. To achieve a functionally good result, jaw surgery is almost always combined with braces treatment.

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