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Complaints scheme

In our practice, we pay great attention to the quality of treatments. We as a team perform our work as carefully as possible. Nevertheless, human errors or mistakes cannot always be ruled out. This may cause misunderstandings or feelings of dissatisfaction. It may also happen that you did not understand something properly or that you feel you were not listened to sufficiently. If this is the case, we would like to hear about it so that we can continue to improve ourselves.
The main purpose of the complaints procedure is to remove your dissatisfaction. Moreover, we naturally want to prevent similar complaints. You can come to us with complaints about the treatment, the orthodontist or one of our team members.
If you are dissatisfied, you can discuss this with the orthodontist or one of our colleagues. You can also report your complaint using the complaint form. This is also available at the reception desk. Please include at least these details on this form:

  • Patient's name + date of birth

  • Date or period to which your complaint relates

  • A description of your complaint that is as concrete as possible, including the name of the staff member (if the complaint concerns one of our staff members)

  • Name, place, date and signature

As a result of the form, the practice manager will consider your complaint and discuss it with both orthodontists. She will then discuss in consultation with you the most desirable resolution of the complaint. Possible solutions:

  • you find it sufficient to make your dissatisfaction known and do not wish any further action. Your complaint will be registered as a notification.

  • telephone handling of the complaint: some complaints are easy and quick to resolve.

  • written handling of the complaint. You receive a letter with their findings.

  • you discuss your complaint with the orthodontist.

Naturally, all complaints are registered in our system. In the unlikely event that we are unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you can also make use of the KNMT complaints scheme, to which our practice is affiliated. This scheme meets the requirements set by the Complaint Rights of Health Care Sector Clients Act for every care provider.

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