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Quality policy

The orthodontist is registered in the dentist-specialist register and is a member of the Dutch Association of Orthodontists. This obliges us to meet the quality requirements set for orthodontists.

Our quality policy includes several points of interest.

In-service training

The orthodontists participate very frequently in conferences and courses and give lectures and courses. All other team members regularly attend courses to keep their knowledge and skills at a high level.


Once every five years, the practice is visited by colleagues as part of the visitation programme of the Dutch Association of Orthodontists. During this visitation, the practice is assessed by experienced colleagues.

Work meeting

Structural meetings are held between the orthodontist, practice manager, assistants and other employees. In these meetings, we discuss general progress, points for improvement and developments. Regular consultations are also held with other practitioners such as oral surgeons, dentists, physiotherapists, etc.

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Patient surveys

We ask all our patients about their experiences with a patient survey, shortly before the braces are removed. The average score of these surveys is an 8.5. We take all comments seriously and try to learn from them.

Work meeting

Orthodontists are members of the following professional associations:


Dutch Association of Orthodontists

Royal Dutch Dental Association

European Orthodontic Society

American Association of Orthodontists

World Federation of Orthodontists

European Aligner Society

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Work meeting

Orthodontist Practice Veghel is an officially recognised training company. The practice employs both trainees as dental hygienists and dental assistants.

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The practice is certified. This means that all treatments carried out at the practice are laid down in detailed procedures and protocols.

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We work with ZorgSom. This allows us to directly indicate for each treatment what your insurance reimburses and what your own contribution is.

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