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The orthodontic treatment

We are happy to explain how the treatment works and what you need to consider.



Treatment for your new smile starts with registering with us at the practice. You do this through our registration form. When registering, we ask you to fill in a health questionnaire. You can also indicate your preferred days for an appointment in the comments field. Here you can also choose whether you want a consultation or an intake.


First appointment

What we do and discuss during the first appointment depends on what kind of appointment you chose when you registered: a consultation or an intake.


Treatment options

A tooth grows differently in everyone. Any abnormalities in the position of the teeth or jaws, therefore, are also different in each patient.



After you get braces, you will come to us for regular check-ups so that we can keep track of your progress. This is usually every six to eight weeks.



Your teeth will always shift slightly, whether you have ever worn braces or not. But especially once we have removed your braces, the goal is to keep the achieved result.

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