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First appointment

What we do and discuss during the first appointment depends on what kind of appointment you chose when you registered: a consultation or an intake.



During an intake, we will take a detailed look at what your options are. For this, we map out your entire set of teeth.

The study

During the examination, we take X-rays and a scan of your teeth. We also take colour photographs of your teeth and face. Based on this information, the orthodontist can make a diagnosis and a detailed treatment plan.


The treatment plan

In the treatment plan, we describe step by step what will happen during treatment. We explain to you what the problems are, how we can fix them and which braces or braces are needed to do so. We explain which steps are desirable for optimal treatment results, but we also discuss all alternatives. The treatment plan also describes the total duration and cost of treatment. So you know in advance what to expect from the treatment. In addition, we tell you what to expect if you choose not to start treatment.


During this consultation appointment, we will discuss global options and tell you how orthodontic treatment works.

We also check whether it is already possible/wise to start treatment. Should this be the case, you can already make an appointment for an intake afterwards.


We give you time and there is always room for questions

We understand that you may need some time for reflection before you want to start treatment. This is always possible. Furthermore, there is plenty of room to ask questions about the treatment. Take a look at the frequently asked questions. Perhaps your question is already there.

When you want to start treatment, you will receive a written treatment proposal and an 'informed consent'. This states that you understand the content of the treatment. When we agree on the proposed treatment, you can make an appointment to have the braces fitted and we will inform your own dentist.


Before the first appointment can take place, however, you must first register with us at the practice. This can be done via our registration form. When you register, you also choose whether you want an intake or a consultation first.

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