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New braces really take some getting used to

It may happen that the braces cause some problems. We will be happy to help you with information on where to go and tips on how to temporarily fix the problem yourself if necessary.

After having braces fitted

If you have received removable braces, it may hurt a little at first. Usually, this will go away on its own. In the first week, you can slowly build up the wearing time. If this does not work or if the brace presses on the gums, it is better to call the practice. If you experience a lot of discomfort in the evening or at the weekend, you can take the brace off until the next working day.

With fixed braces, you may experience discomfort for about a week. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about this. Chewing a piece of sugar-free gum can sometimes give some relief. You will be given wax to apply to the protruding parts of the brace if this bothers you. The tongue and cheek will soon get used to the braces. If a piece of wire sticks out, you may always contact the practice, we will cut the piece of wire the same day.


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